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4.27sAll right, very good. Who knows how the Skinners could have resolved this problem?
2.77sWithout resorting to violence.
2.37sOr childish name-calling.
2.47sAnybody? Okay. That's okay.
3.5sBecause making a happy home isn't like flipping on a light switch.
1.63sDuh, light switch?
2.97sThere are tricks to it, things you should have learned a long time ago,
3.94ssuch as, if you leave milk out, it can go sour.
4.5sPut it in the refrigerator, or, failing that, a cool, wet sack.
3.04sAnd put your garbage in a garbage can, people.
2.87sI can't stress that enough. Don't just throw it out the window.
2.8sThis is so humiliating.
3.24sGarbage in garbage can. Hmm. Makes sense.
2.8sNighty-night, my sweet little foundling-a-dings.
1.97sBut it's only 7:00.
1.73sYeah! The sun is still out!