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0.43sCan you see them?
1.5sI can see Lisa.
2.24sBut it might be a Starfish.
2.14sYeesh! I gotta call 'em!
2.2sThe number you have dialed...
1.97scan no longer be reached from this phone,
2.03syou... negligent... monster.
1.67s- Ohh! - That's it!
3.87sWe're going downtown to get our kids back right now!
2.33sWe've always tried to be good parents.
4.57sPlease, I'm begging you, one mother to another. You must have a family.
2.2sNo, I don't care for children.
1.73sNow, wait a minute!
2.4sOkay, I'm not gonna win Father of the Year.
4sIn fact, I'm probably the last guy in the world who should have kids.
2.97sUH-- W-w-Well, wait-- Wait. Can I start again?
2.37sFathering children is the best part of my day.
1.97sI'd do anything for Bart and Lisa.
0.63sAnd, uh, Margaret?
2.7sWho? Lady, you got the wrong file.