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2.57sOne plus one plus three is five
8.54sLittle Bart Simpson's buried alive He's so neat He's so sweet Now the rats have Bart to eat... Hey, stop that!
1.92sOh. Sorry, Lisa.
5.31sHow many days until Bart croaks? One, two, three, four...
4.84sAnd our new number one hit "I Do Believe We're Naked"
4.52sby Funky See, Funky Do replaces "We're Sending Our Love down the Well,"
2.87swhich plunges all the way down to number 97.
4.92sEver since I called for the rescue of that Simpson lad, I have taken heat,
1.58sso I am flip-flopping.
2.8sI say let him stay down there.