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1sI'm a journalist.
5.17sHe's got all the money in the world but there's one thing he can't buy.
1.57sWhat's that?
1.85sA dinosaur.
3.14sI'm not the only one benefiting from last week's big payoff.
2sState schools got their share too.
3.95sHere, lottery officials present Springfield Elementary with a brand-new eraser.
1.07sOne eraser?
2.24sI'm used to my government betraying me.
1.33sI was in 'Nam.
1.43sI served for--
5.7sAnd speaking of lotteries here are the winning numbers for this week's $40,000 jackpot.
3.77s3-6-17-18-22 and 29.
1.43sOh, no!
1.72sThose are my numbers.
3.47sIf it wasn't for that dog, I would have won.
4.92sFor tomorrow, I want you to write a report on Copernicus.