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2.37sWe'll be with you in a minute, kids.
2.79sThis could be our ticket out of here, Mel.
2.4sI will now draw the first winning number.
3.92sI've got so many tickets I can't lose.
1.8sThe first number is 17.
3.54sYou can still win money if you have five out of six.
2.4sAnd the second number is three.
2.07sYeah, I knew we wouldn't win.
2.54sWell, why didn't you tell the rest of us?
2.27sWhy did you keep it a secret!?
2.67sIf you were 17, we'd be rich.
4.32sBut no, you had to be ten.
2.99sAnd the final number is... 49.