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2.37sHERMES: Sweet dodo of Lesotho!
2.74sDon't you ever stop to think before you speak?
2.13sI never stop to think about it.
3.87sLeave Fry alone. His intelligence is just a little differenty.
1.43sYou a big dummy!
3.3sHey, I'm beginning to think you guys don't think I'm very smart.
2.82sYou can barely remember your own name, Einstein.
1.87sEinstein is a hard name to remember.
1.43sSmeesh, Professor.
3.34sDon't have a shmaneurysm. Fry's your distant relative.
1.25sNot distant enough.
3.09sI'll be a monkey's uncle if I'm this monkey's nephew.
3s(SNIFFLES) But you're my only family.
2.97sWho will hug me if I achieve something?
3.19sOh, perhaps I've been too harsh.
6.17sCome, lad, take my hand and I'll explain why I find you so repugnant.
3.97sAll my life, I've been inspired by great minds.
3.7sEuclid, Copernicus, Braino.