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2.64sI appreciate your candor.
2.74sI don't even know what language you're speaking.
2.37sI, too, have a confession.
4.94sYou see, here on Planet Vinci, I am the stupidest person.
2.77sWhat? Who'd possibly think you're stupid?
1.8sDuh! I'm Leonardo!
2.35sI don't know the mass of the Higgs boson.
2.47sDuh! I have to draw in pencil,
3.27s'cause I don't know how to use rendering software.
4.72s(BOTH LAUGHING) Stupid Biff! Thinks he's so smart.
1.73sHe looks stronger than you, too.
3.9sI went to Earth because I could no longer stand the ridicule.
5.34sBut being surrounded by even stupider people was equally infuriating.