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5.82sjust ask the owner of the world's largest Malibu Stacy collection: Waylon Smithers of Springfield.
4.09sHello, Malibu Stacy collectors. I'll see you...
3.72sat StacyCon '94, at the San Diego Airport Hilton.
3.52sAnd what does Stacy think of her 35 years of success...
2.1sand millions of friends worldwide?
3.7sDon't ask me. I'm just a girl!
3.25sShe sure is.
1.93sWell, that's the tour.
2.87s- If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer-- - I have one.
4.17sYes? Is the remarkably sexist drivel spouted by Malibu Stacy...
2.84sintentional, or is it just a horrible mistake?
4.47sBelieve me, we're very mindful of such concerns.