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3.59sWhere they belong-- TV's Matlock!
2.75sWe love you, Matlock
2.39sOh yes, we do
2.12sWhat's eatin' you, Abe?
2.2sFor three weeks, all you been talkin' about was meeting Matlock.
2.67sNow you met him, swiped his pills--
4.52s"Take one every hour to prevent spastic heart convulsions."
1.92sClear! But you ain't said a word!
3.29sLookin' at that tired old freak has made me realize...
2.98sI'm no spring chicken myself.
3.99sI can feel death's clammy hand on my shoulder.
2sWait, that's my hand.
4.55sHello. As you may know, I might not be around much longer.
3.64sSo, I've decided to give you your inheritance before I die.
2.35sThat way, I can see you enjoy it.
5.17sLisa, I know you like reading, and... so forth.