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2.25sI cut my tongue on these pancakes.
2.64sThese eggs are difficult to digest.
2.17sI want soft-boiled eggs.
3.99sI told you-- we don't have soft-boiled eggs!
4.32sIf you a-- By gum, you're right. We should have them.
4.22sI shouldn't be listenin' to complaints. I should be makin' 'em with you guys.
3.49sThe Good Lord lets us grow old for a reason.
4.17sTo gain the wisdom to find fault with everything he's made!
4.65sMr. Peterson, you can take this job and... fill it.
4.1sAnd one more thing. I never once washed my hands.
3.24sThat's your policy, not mine.
2.87sYou whippersnapper!
2.6sYou show him, Abe! Quit!