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4.55sHello. As you may know, I might not be around much longer.
3.64sSo, I've decided to give you your inheritance before I die.
2.35sThat way, I can see you enjoy it.
5.17sLisa, I know you like reading, and... so forth.
3.9sTo you, I give you my lifetime of personal correspondence.
6.14sThanks. "Mr. Simpson. Stop. Your constant letters are becoming a nuisance. Stop.
2.47s"If you do not cease, I will be forced to pursue legal action.
3.04sStop. Signed, Boris Karloff. Hollywood, California."
0.57sAnd to my son, Homer--
2.25s- and his entire family-- - D'oh!
3.05sI leave these-- a box of mint condition,
3.05s1918 Liberty Head silver dollars.
4.8sYou see, back in those days, rich men would ride around...
3.55sin zeppelins, dropping coins on people.
5.39sAnd one day, I seen J.D. Rockefeller flyin' by--