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2.29sWhat's the big deal about a rock that looks like a dude?
1.67sI've got a dad that looks like a monkey.
2.58sBart, you promised you'd stop making that comparison!
2.97sPer our agreement!
2.63s(GROANS IN DISGUST) Knock-kneed home renters.
3.77sCan't we thin this herd with some smallpox-infected blankets?
3.02sWe're already immune, you jerk!
1.98sGee, I never noticed that before.
2.19sHe's got a tree in his eye.
2.97sIf that tree gets too big, it'll ruin the beauty of that rock!
0.9sWe'll lose tourists!
2.02sAnd then, who will buy my roadside corn?
2.23sYou don't sell roadside corn.
2.03sThere's a lot you don't know about me, Marge.
2.65sA lot that would shock you.
10.31sRide a painted pony Let the spinnin' wheel spin Thank you, Blood and Tears. Sorry to hear about Sweat.
5.7sNow, before the Undersecretary of the Interior declares Geezer Rock a national landmark,