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3.14sOr that lady who wheels Larry Flynt around.
6.25sMr. Burns, perhaps it's best you were snatched away before time could diminish your beauty.
2.98sStop your wailing, Waylon! I'm alive!
1.15sMR. BURNS: Oops!
1.52sThat stays in.
3.34sSir, you're alive! But how?
4.44sBecause of my svelte physique, I was able to fit in a narrow air pocket.
3.14sI survived on whatever sustenance came my way.
4.97sThankfully, a mother mole nursed me as her own until I was strong enough to continue.
5.75sNow, let's see how the common folk are grieving for their fallen god, me.
1.92sAnd so, a day after the tragedy,
3.54sthe town still mourns the loss of its venerable old man.