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1.54sAnd I'm losing!
2.3sSmithers, this calls for the League of Evil!
5.04sMy league! My beautiful league! All dead.
1.55sEven monsters need air, sir.
2.8sBlast! Well, gather their watches.
4.79sI must find another way to vanquish the girl.
3.69sSo, has your daughter always been such a righteous little rabble-rouser?
3.89sOh, yeah. She's always trying to improve mankind.
2.27sFascinating! Do go on.
3.59sWait a minute. Are you trying to get dirt on Lisa?
3.77sOh, you saw right through me. Well done.
2.34sHave some congratulatory drugs.
2.57sWell, if that's your custom.
4.2sNow, tell me more about your daughter. And speak into the lamp.
2.77sWell, she's into Buddhism, whistle-blowing,