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2.03sTh-This is writing?
3.19sI'm sorry, Uncle Kent. I lost my thesaurus.
2.92sThesaurus. You'll lose more than that--
1.92sIn preparation for the big game,
4.54sSpringfield Stadium has caught additional seating capacity fever.
2.23sWhoo-hoo. Go, S.U.!
2.17sA&M is gonna kick your ivy-covered butts.
2.2sYeah? Well, you went to a cow college.
4.02sOh, you're only calling us a cow college 'cause we were founded by a cow.
4.17sWhoa, Nellie. We have ourselves a barn burner here today.
4.32sWelcome to the 117th dust up between the Snortin' Swine of Springfield A&M...
2.74sand the Springfield University Nittany Tide.
2.67sOh, Doctor! Break out the hickory switch.
2.98sOkay, who needs another lamb rack?
2.17sLisa? Ham hock? Tri-tip?