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2.84sThank you. Thank you. Come on, hurry up.
0.47sAll right now, let's empty our pockets.
2.42sMake me.
2.28sProfessor Rocko, Chancellor Knuckles?
2.1sWait-- I-- Okay.
2.13sAll right. Okay.
3.25sGet every dime. The Whifflesnops need new cummerbunds.
2.8sWe look like slobs
3.67sI'm beginning to think this alumni party was just a ruse to get our money.
2.5sThat dean is gonna get an indignant e-mail.
1.97sYou should do it with bold red letters.
2.1sMy computer has 512 shades of red.
2.45sHave you nerds forgotten everything I taught you?
5.07sThis calls for a prank. I see... a bucket.