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2.02sI push myself too hard.
2.52sIt takes me a long time to learn anything.
1.73sI'm kind of a goof-off--
0.85sThat will do.
2.18sStuff starts disappearing--
2.27sThat's enough. There's a problem with the reactor.
1.33sWhat do you do?
2.27sA problem with the reactor?!
1.37sWe're all going to die!
3.09sMmm... mmm.
1.28sDid you get the job?
2.27sNah, they wanted someone good.
1.47sStory of my life.
1.4sOh, Homey.
3.27sHey, come over here and feel our baby kicking.
1.82sKid, I won't let you down.
7.12sWhen you come out of there the first thing you're going to see is a man with a good job.
1.43sYeah. The doctor.
8.26sWorkin' 9 to 5 what A way to make A livin' ...and when ye tallow hardens, we remove it from yon mold.