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2.99sWell, hey, I'm from the Alabama chapter.
2.39sWell, I'll be.
2.14sLet's get on with the testing.
5.72sRoll on, roll on, alpha tau tau...
3.14sBow-wow-wow-wow wow-wow-wow...
4.59sIf I didn't know better, I'd swear he was trying to moon us.
2.05sWhat would you say is your worst quality?
1.33sI am a workaholic.
2.02sI push myself too hard.
2.52sIt takes me a long time to learn anything.
1.73sI'm kind of a goof-off--
0.85sThat will do.
2.18sStuff starts disappearing--
2.27sThat's enough. There's a problem with the reactor.