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0.97sWe can't do that.
2.55sAll the kids will call him Larry Fairy.
1.88sWell, how about Louis?
1.6sThey'll call him Screwy Louie.
0.83s- Bob? - Slob.
0.82s- Luke? - Puke.
1.28s- Marcus? - Mucus.
1.22sWhat about Bart?
0.82sLet's see.
2.25sBart, cart, dart, e-art--
3.29sNope. Can't see any problem with that.
1.9sWow. I'll take that ring.
2.29sAnd how will you be paying for it?
1.67sI don't know.
2.45sFinally, the big day came.
6.02sWe didn't have much money so we went to a quaint little chapel just across the state line.
2.22sBasic ceremony is 20 bucks.
1.37sHere's your license.
1.85sGet this punched every time.
1.75sThe tenth wedding is on the house.
2.15sThis marriage is gonna last forever.