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2.02sYeah, she's going to marry me!
1.62sIn your face, everybody!
3.79sIf the new baby is a girl, can we name her Ariel?
3.2sThe baby's name will be Kool Moe Dee Simpson.
0.77sKool Moe Dee.
1.42s- Ariel. - Kool Moe Dee.
5.84sYou know, I had this very same discussion with your mother ten years ago.
4.57sIf the baby's a boy what do you think of the name Larry?
0.97sWe can't do that.
2.55sAll the kids will call him Larry Fairy.
1.88sWell, how about Louis?
1.6sThey'll call him Screwy Louie.
0.83s- Bob? - Slob.
0.82s- Luke? - Puke.
1.28s- Marcus? - Mucus.
1.22sWhat about Bart?
0.82sLet's see.
2.25sBart, cart, dart, e-art--
3.29sNope. Can't see any problem with that.
1.9sWow. I'll take that ring.
2.29sAnd how will you be paying for it?