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2.77sHomer, how come Mom's going to the doctor?
1.27sIs anything wrong?
1.07sEverything's fine.
2.4sYour mother, uh... just broke her leg.
2.05sI smell a bun in the oven.
2.75sIs Mom going to have another baby, Dad?
1.47s- Whoa! - Hey, all right!
1.18sWay to go!
1.98sYou're a machine, Homer.
1.24sDid you hear that, Maggie?
1.33sAnother baby in the house.
1.02sOh, cool.
1.27sWe can race 'em.
2.5sSure, for you, a baby's all fun and games.
2.4sFor me, it's diaper changes and midnight feedings.
1.3sDoesn't Mom do that?
1.4sYeah, but I hear about it.
1.8sWere you like this when Mom was pregnant with me?
2.24sI threw up more than your mother.
5.17sIt all happened at the beginning of that turbulent decade known as the '80s.
1.93sThose were idealistic days--