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3.52sNo, not the iodine. Burn the germs off with a torch,
2.07samputate my arm, but not the--
5.4sWell, it's payday. I'll wager you've been lookin' forward to this.
3.4s- Oh, yes, ma'am. - Here we are. Two quarters.
2.42sTwo quarters ? You deserve every penny.
3.75sYou know, I've told a lot of my girlfriends about you,
2.17sand they have chores too.
4.29s- Two quarters ? - Bart, you didn't say "thank you."
4.32sListen, lady. I can leave without screamin', and I can leave without sayin' a bad word.
3.8s- But there is no way that I am sayin' "thank you." - You're welcome.
4.37sAll right, then. Off you go to spend it on penny whistles...
2.54sand MoonPies.
3.74sMoonPies, my butt. Somebody oughta MoonPie her.
1.49sWhat's the problem, boy ?
0.95sI've been bustin' my hump all week...
2.97sfor that withered old clam, and all I got was 50 cents.
3.37sHey, when I was your age, 50 cents was a lot of money.
1.83s- Really ? - Nah.