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3.85sHey, uh, you got a liquor license here, young fella ? My dog ate it.
0.47sGotta have a license to sell beer.
3.32sWriting all those tickets...
2.5smust make you guys thirsty.
2.57sHow 'bout a couple on the house ? Seeing it's a first offense--
2.89s- I guess we can overlook this. - Mm-hmm.
3.59sSo long, officers ! Uh-oh.
3.19sHey, what's all the-- My beer !
3.15sMy beer ! My beautiful beer !
2.79sThe poor boy is so desperate.
3.7sHe wants to earn money to buy a comic book. A comic book ?
2.84sOh, my. Boys never change.
3.34sWhich one is it ? Nazi smasher ? I don't think so.
5.14sSend him over to my house. I got a few chores he could do.
2.54sHe knows how to mix whitewash, don't he ?