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4.59sShows you've been paying attention. But we all know I'm not gonna give you $100.
0.43sNow, are you gonna stop bugging me ? Are you ? Are you ?
2.6sNo. No. No.
2.79sAre you ? Are you ? Are you ? Are you ? Are you ? Are you ? No. No. No. No. No. No.
3.69sAre you ? Are you ? I win ! No. Okay !
4.85sIn your face ! Yeah ! How do you like them apples ? Whoo-hoo-hoo ! Heh-heh-heh.
4.4sDon't gloat, Homer. You know, Bart, when I was your age, the one thing I wanted...
3.97smore than anything in the world was a child-size electric lightbulb oven.
4.54sMy parents wouldn't give me the money, so I went to my sisters, Patty and Selma.
1.29sWe'll give you half our allowance.
1.89sBut you have to be our slave.
4.39sThis gives us a lot more free time. Uh-huh. Let's take up smoking.
4.67sFor months I worked and worked while my sisters smoked and smoked.
12.06sVenus Oh, Venus We want those dress shields hand-washed and drip-dried.