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3.44sHe's no wittier than the next superhero. Oh, yeah ? Look.
3.04sHe knocks the guy into the sun and says, "hot enough for you ?"
3.09sI stand corrected.
3.14sWe're here !
3.37sToo bad we didn't come dressed as popular cartoon characters.
4sThis looks like a discount for...
2.68sBartman !
3.97s- Who are you supposed to be ? - I'm Bartman.
2.02sNever heard of him. Full price.
1.28sAw, lousy rip-off.
3.75sHey, uh, is this on ?
2.6sYoung people of Springfield, as your mayor, I'd like to welcome you...
3sto our annual funny book convention and thank you for...
4.77spumping almost $300 into the local economy.
4.17sYour youthful high spirits have imparted a glow to this old warhorse.
2.8sYou might say I feel like Radiation Man.
2.94sThat's "Radioactive Man," jerk !