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2.94sBoys, you'd better come in the house. You don't wanna get the sniffles.
2.94sOh, Mom. Oh, now, come on.
3.14sHmm. You can play your little tie-up game inside.
4.65sI've got some cocoa on the stove. Who wants imitation marshmallows ?
3.84s- Me. I do. I do. - I do. - I'd raise my hand if I could.
3.77sDoh ! It's no use, fellas.
4.17sAnother comic book has returned to the earth from whence it came.
3.62sWe worked so hard, and now it's all gone.
3.84sWe ended up with nothing because the three of us can't share.
3.67s- What's your point ? - Nothin'. just kind of ticks me off.