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3.72sIt'll be like a sleep-over. Yeah, a sleep-over. That's what pals do, right ?
2.4sReal friendly-like.
3.09sI want to read it again. Nice try, mister.
2.82sMilhouse, the acids in your hand could damage the newsprint.
3.7sWe wanna keep this comic forever so the last one alive...
2.93swill have the honor of being buried with it.
3.65sWhat do you mean, "the last one alive" ? I meant years from now !
0.24sYeah. Sure, you did.
3.59sBart, don't push him ! I knew it. You're both against me.
4.47sWell, nobody makes a sap out of Bartholomew J. Simpson.
3.25s- Quit it ! - You quit it ! - No. You quit it.
3.27sI thought you boys might like some milk and microwave s'mores.