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2.57sI know a much better way to get attention.
1.94sHear ye! Hear ye!
3.84sMy daughter has something to tell you about jebediah Springfield.
2.74sAw, the little cutie wants to do somethin' cute.
2.67sShut up, ya bums! Shut up!
2.64sGo ahead, angel.
2.7sjebediah Springfield was nothing more...
3.17sthan an evil bloodthirsty pirate who hated this town.
2.9sGood God!
4.1sHomer, you know, I support, uh, most any prejudice you can name,
2.3sbut your hero phobia sickens me.
3.64sYou and your daughter ain't welcome here no more. Barney, show 'em the exit.
0.43sThere's an exit?
3s"Evil bloodthirsty pirate."
2.1sHello. Town jubilation Committee?
2.9sYeah. I got something that's gonna make you a lot less jubilant.
2.2sCan't you understand, little girl?
1.73sjebediah was no criminal.
3.04sThat's right. The reason they say he had a silver tongue...
2.1sis because he was such a fine speaker.