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2.1sGood God! He is fabulous.
3.14sMmm. He's "embiggened" that role with his "cromulent" performance.
5.17sTop-notch "criering," I admit, but the hat and bell belong to Flanders. So no dice.
1.9sOh, they're just family heirlooms.
2.7sThat shouldn't stand in the way of Homer taking my job and--
2.33sLess chat, more hat.
2.14sHear ye! Hear ye!
4.1sThe Homer broadcasting system is on the air!
3.34sAll hollering, all the time. I'm gonna make--
2.1sYou're to restrict your criering to the parade...
2.97s- and selected preapproved publicity events. - Okay.
5.77sThis case holds our most treasured exhibit: objects owned and used by jebediah.
3.94sHere's his Fife, upon which he sounded the sweet note of freedom,
3.34shis hatchet, with which he hacked at the chains of oppression,
2.37sand his chamber pot.
3.47sExcuse me. My microwave johnnycakes are ready.