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4.54sI'm an antiquarian, damn it. It's my job to seek out the truth.
2.67sBut when you found the truth you couldn't take it.
2.87sYou couldn't stand that you devoted your life to a fraud,
2.1sso you covered it up, didn't you?
0.5sDidn't you?
2.13sNo. No. That-- That's preposterous.
2.67sI mean, I-- I couldn't. YOu-- You can't--
3.14sStop it! Where's the silver tongue?
2.4sI thought no one would ever find it.
2.93sWhen I pried open the coffin it was there--
2.8sthat shiny tongue sticking out of his mouth,
4.44srazzing my entire career-- my-- my life.
3.5sBefore the dust could settle, I pocketed it.
0.54sBut I thought I had you fooled.
1.93sYou did.
4.6sUntil I realized that jebediah's confession was saying more than he meant it to.