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2.8sThese Super Bowl commercials are weird.
2.39sjust about ready for the second quarter here in Miami.
3.44sI tell you, Pat, that wild first quarter blew out my Telestrator.
0.55sAnd now the fans are screaming for more.
3.37sLet us out of here! Relax, Simpson. Relax.
1.75sA little-known fact about jail cells...
3.94sis they always have one phony bar for, like, emergencies.
3.7sReal. Real. Real. Real. Real.
3.57sSo by the process of elimination, this one is the fake.
2.24sThat's painful.
2.84sAh, nuts. That sounds like a touchdown.
2.77sNo, no, no. I know my roars.
2.55sAnd that was most definitely a safety.
1.42sOh, man!
2.84sGosh, fellas, to see you all stuck in here when...
4.79seven guys in China can watch all the action from their town squares or what have you,
2.9swell, I just feel pretty doggone bad.