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2.15sWe were in the same pyramid scheme.
4.5sOh, don't remind me. Friends helping friends, my ass!
2.12sSay, you wanna grab a beer while we're waiting?
3.42sYeah. I'm getting tired of them pointing and laughing at us.
3.45sThe road to the Super Bowl is long and pointless.
0.5sI mean, when you think about it.
4.02sFootball's so great.
3.17sBut now the two conference champs must survive...
2.69sa harrowing bye week that no one enjoys.
3.24sBye weeks! Bronco Nagurski didn't get no bye weeks.
3.67sAnd now he's dead. Well, maybe they're a good thing.
2.57sYeah, how 'bout that Super Bowl. You going this year?
1.87sMe? Nah.