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3.2sBut it's nine digits now. What's the point of these other four numbers?
2.4sThose are citizen relocation codes.
3.6sWith any luck, we'll never need 'em.
3.95sShe's onto us. Should I flood the chamber? Not yet. Let's get some lunch.
3.59sWell, children, any questions for Postmaster Bill?
2.24sYou ever gone on a killing spree?
3.84sNo, no. The day of the gun-toting, disgruntled postman...
3.04sshooting up the place went out with the Macarena.
3.2sWell, I'm just glad I work at an elementary school.
3.6sAnd this is where our employees gather to unwind...
3.45safter a hard day of serving the public.
2.2sBingo! Birthday card!
2.24s- Graduation! - Ding-ding-ding! Wedding!
2.67sI'm sure you all heard of the dead letter office.