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2.1sHey, hey. Settle down, children.
2.94sNow, who's ever wondered how the post office works?
0.53sNo one?
2.7sI did until we came here last year.
3.47sAh, yes, last year. Anyway, look.
3.44sHere comes our guide for the day, Postmaster Bill.
2.2sHowdy, partners.
2.37sWelcome to your post office.
2.17sWow! It's ours?
2.34sBart! Be with you in a minute.
2.24sThis is the lobby where customers come...
2.3sfor all their "postalistic" needs.
2.79s"Legends of comedy," my tuchus!
2.9sWhat has Fatty Arbuckle done that I haven't done?
2.35sThis machine reads zip codes.
3.44sThese five digits tell us where to direct your mail.
3.2sBut it's nine digits now. What's the point of these other four numbers?
2.4sThose are citizen relocation codes.
3.6sWith any luck, we'll never need 'em.
3.95sShe's onto us. Should I flood the chamber? Not yet. Let's get some lunch.