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1.75sGood morning!
1.74sGeez, who died?
2.95sI don't know how Bender and I do all this work by ourselves.
1.7sMaybe we should hire a delivery boy.
1.43sYou mean like...
3.54sBender! Shh! We have to be careful not to remind her!
5.09sWhat about my feelings? Fry was my best friend, and now he's dead!
6.27s(SOBBING) Nah, I'm just kidding. My pastor helped me through my grief.
3.69s(SCATTING) Bender's a jerk, but he's right.
3.85sWe've all got to accept that Fry is gone forever.
4.84sWhoa. Where happened? What am I?