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1.27sPoor Philip.
2.3sHe looks so peaceful.
2.08sIt's tragedy on a bun.
3.74s(SOBBING) I ate Fry!
3.4sI broke up with my boyfriend and then I ate him!
3.7sNow, now. We've all been there.
2.1sThe pain and guilt are too much!
2.44sI can't go on knowing what I've done!
3.4s(WAILING) Fry!
2.95sCan you really remove all my memories of Fry?
1.84sOh, they'll still be there, hon.
2.57sI'm just gonna snip the links between them and your conscious brain.
3.22sLike this one "Fry falls off zoo train."
3.29sHe thought he recognized one of the monkeys!
2.99s(ZAPPING) What was I crying about?