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1.5sOh, I almost forgot!
3.9s(CLUCKS) Get das booty up here, Leela!
0.46sI brought his and her chicken hats!
6.7s(CLUCKS) Okay, that's it. You are a boorish, primitive Neanderthal!
2.4s(HICCUPPING) Neanderthal?
1.35sYes. And I've had enough!
1.62sI'm breaking up with you!
7.49s(GASPS) We were going out? (WHOOPS) I mean, no!
2.65sAnd keep your stupid chicken hat, too!
4.55sAnd the worst part is, I had to have the breakup sex by myself!
3.65s(CRYING) Fry, some of us have real problems.
3.85sI just learned there are people with fancier sausage meats than me!