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2.22sUntil then, I've turned things over...
3.99sto my bestest buddy in the whole wide world-- Mr. Black.
1.92sI want you to treat-- Mr. Black.
2.14swith the same respect you would give me.
3.92sNow here's-- Mr. Black.
2.5sThank you, Krusty, and welcome, children.
2.37sI am Mr. Black, your head counselor.
3.74sFor the past 15 years, I was president of Euro-Krustyland,
2.4suntil it blew up.
3.27sI'll take any questions you might have. You, and then one more.
0.51sCan we call you Uncle Blackie?
2.84sNo. Last question.
0.43sWhen do we get to see Krusty?
2.84sUh, he will be along eventually.
2.74sIn the meantime, our counselors Dolph, jimbo and Kearney...
3.44swill be happy to handle any problems you may have.
2.8sLooks like we got ourselves a troublemaker.