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2.67sMichael Flatley must be turning over is in his grave.
2.87sWait a minute. He's not dead yet.
1.67s"Michael Flatley."
2sPeter, It's great they picked your theme,
1.93sbut isn't it a little esoteric?
1.27sCould it mean "sexy"?
1.17sI think it's a science term.
3.04sFellas, Fellas, esoteric means "delicious."
2.89sLois, Who's the Boss? is not a food.
1.47sSwing and a mISS.
12.73sIt seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on T.V. But where are those good, old-fashioned values on which we used to rely?
3.14sLucky there's a family guy
3.57sLucky there's a man who'll positively tell you