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1.03sNo, she's not.
2.3sProbably out scoring more rock.
1.93sSandy Balfour, Child Services.
1.68sWe're placing this baby in a foster home.
1.37sFor God's sake, feed me!
2.13sLet me guess. All out of Puppy Chow?
2sWhat an awful home for a child!
0.88sHow dare you!
1.43sThis is a wonderful home!
1.53sQuagmire, you rat bastard!
2.6sCome near my fence again, and that'll be your head!
1.17sHEy, Shut up!
2.3sHoney, would you like some pancakes?
2.47sOh, yes! God, yes! Take me!
2.02sNext up is Meg Griffin,
2.1ssporting her stylishly cool, brand-new--
3.8sOh, Meg! A woman from Child Services came and took Stewie!
2.44sShe said we fed him dog food!
1.22sDog food, huh?
2.55sMeg, Is that a real Prada bag?
4.14sHow in the world did you make $1,100 as a waitress in one week?
1.25sIt's easy...
3.2swhen you're the unwed teenage mother of a crack-addicted baby.