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1.23sSay, get the hell off my--
2.3sHello, lips, legs, breasts, and ass.
3.79sYes. I was hoping I could ask you about your neighbors, the griffins.
0.95sthe Griffins!
2.75sA bunch of card-carrying Commies if you ask me! Ha-ha.
0.63sAll right.
2.07sNo, no, No! It's not all right!
1.67sHey, Fat boy!
2.3sThe Griffins are not to be trusted.
1.62sThose people are nothing but vile,
1.17scheating, lying scum.
2.17sAnd their carpet and drape scheme...
1.4sNo! No, I won't!
2.3sGet that puree of loathsomeness away from me!
2.13sBut you love mashed turkey and peas.
1.4sI'm sorry. What was that?
1.32sI'm Sorry. I didn't quite catch that.
1.7sDid you just tell me what I love?
2.07sWrite this down, you toad-faced frump.
1.5sI love pancakes!
1.27sHi, little fellA.
1.07sIs Meg Griffin here?