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2.27sIt's your right as an American citizen.
1.22sWhat's all the noise, boys?
2.57sI was just jerk--ed out of a sound sleep.
4.65sPerhaps someone could enlighten me as to the whereabouts of our Golden Clam?
1.12sMaybe it fell.
1.8sYeah. Right into someone's pocket.
1.97sYou think one of us stole it?
1.77sI never said the word "stole."
2.15sLooks like someone has a guilty conscience.
1.35sGuilty conscience! Ha!
2.87sI'm the only guy on this block who actually pays for his cable.
5.55sPretty high and mighty for a man who left our nation's flag out in the rain last Fourth of July.
2.64sThat's against the law, Officer!
0.95sYou're one to talk.
2.57sOut there every trash day picking through my garbage.
1.5sThat's an invasion of my privacy.
2.97sHe's sorting your recycling 'cause he loves our Mother Earth.
4.14sIf you weren't so busy trolling for booty all the damn time you could do it yourself,
1.53slike the law says you should.
1.17sIt's on now!
1.63sWait a second! What about Peter?
2.3sHe's the one who wanted the trophy all along!