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1.55sCapricorn. Oh!
1.77sI know you're not a Virgo!
1.87sHey, From down here, you look like a Pisces!
5.54sAnd Cleveland, you're the boss because of your attention to detail l-l-Like when we play pool,
4.04syou take so long to line up your shots I just want to crack you with a cue stick.
2.89sBut I don't because that would be a hate crime and I love ya.
2.23sAnd Joe, I've had new neighbors before,
2.47sbut none were half the man you are.
5.21sAnd Since you're half a man already, that splits them into some kind of fraction I can't even measure.
1.52sPeter's right. If we work together,
2.02swe can win this thing. Who's in?
1.33sGo, Spooner Street!
2.44sMy dad always says, "Measure twice, cut once."
1.17sMy daddy always said,
2.1s"Cleveland Jr., quit jumping on the bed!"
2.27sWe didn't measure! We dIdN't measure!
1.4sAmazing, Peter.
1.94sYou've inspired The whole neighborhood to work together.
1.72sYou know what's really amazing, Brian?