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1.83sI'd like to propose a toast.
0.78sto our neighbors.
2.22sSure they may be black, handicapped,
1.23sand a heartless sex hound,
2.1sbut, hey, if they moved out,
2.49ssome smelly Hawaiians might move in.
1.13sHear, hear!
1.55sHey, Where's Quagmire?
4.32sYeah, If it wasn't for him, we never would have found out where Stewie's foster family lived.
2.07sHe said he was gonna distract the social worker.
2.7sMmm, Glen, honey, I have a question for you.
1.85sWhat do you do for a living?
1.4sHey, I have a question for you, too.
1.73sWhy are you still here?
2.52sWhat the heck happened to that trophy anyway?
2.28sI guess some mysteries are better left unsolved.
1.6sSubmitted for your approval.
4.5sA family pet with the uncontrollable urge to bury shiny objects in the yard.
4.02sA shameful secret that nearly buried the peace and civility of an entire neighbor--