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2.17sSo now you all understand, yes? You all hate each other?
2.95sOh, Hosanna! It's the lesser of two evils.
3.25sOh, uh, Hey, kids. I'm, uh, uh, Santa Claus.
1.74sJust practicing for Christmas.
1.43sBut you're white.
2.87sJack and Sarah told me Santa is Indian.
1.9sDon't be stupid! Santa is black!
2.59sSanta can't be black. We do not fear him.
2.64sCram it, Gandhi! Santa is Asian.
1.47sHow can he be Asian?
3.97sSanta doesn't drive his sled 20 miles under the speed limit with his blinker on!
2.3sGo back to your rice paddy, Mulan!
2.08sCome on, Stewie. We're out of here.
2.35sDance, puppets! Dance!
1.87sLois, we got him. It's all over.
1.37sCareful, Peter.
1.77sJoe and Cleveland can't stall them anymore.
0.98sThey're heading your way!
1.12sAw, Crap!
1.45sHold it right there!
1.1sOr what?
1.3sDon't shoot!
1.5sNow shoot!
2.52sSo, we're terribly sorry we broke into your home,