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1.27sDonnez-moi pancakes!
2.2sClick-click- bloody-click pancakes!
0.95sPoor little guy.
2.6s"Pancakes" must be street for "crack."
1.82sDamn those parents of his.
1.8sSarah, forgiveness.
0.97sNow, Stewie,
2.8swhy don't you go play with the others?
3.59sStewie, come complete our rainbow!
1.42sI've got a better idea.
2.75sLet's go play "swallow the stuff under the sink."
1.77sYou lied to them!
5.72sYou--You told Child Services that we steal lawn mowers and cheat on our taxes and worship some guy named Stan.
2.17sUm, Actually, I said Satan.
1.37sThat's a typo.
2.19sWe didn't know who that woman was! It's not our fault!
1.9sNo? Then whose fault is it?
1.5sIt's all of yours!
2.1sYou were all working together just fine,