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1.84sHey, this thing's pretty smooth.
1.9sBut I still prefer walking.
3.02sWell, we did it. We got all Bender's parts back.
1.37sWrong as always, Fry!
3.25sI'm still missing the shiniest metal piece of all.
1.02sYour thyroid?
2.5sNo! I'm talking about my ass!
2.78sHuh! I never even knew you had an ass.
7.71s(MUTTERING ANGRILY) Hmm. According to this, it shipped out on a freighter from South Street Spaceport.
3.87sOh, yes, I remember that ass. Let's see.
3.54sOh, God, no! It was on board the Floatwell!
3.85s(GASPS) The ship that sank in that horrible space storm?
6.01sYes. I'm afraid your friend's derriere is lost forever in the depths of the Sargaseous Sea.