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2.13sIt's a Crud and he's got a gun!
2.67sYo, you just shot your own reflection in the mirror.
1.43sIt was self-defense.
2.54sWe are the Cruds, but we're over here.
2.27sAnd don't shoot. That crate is a gift from us.
1.08s- What? - Huh?
1.5sFor real?
1.95sThere's been enough violence on these streets.
2.37sToo many lives and mirrors have been shattered.
3.8sSo, yo, we sent you a crate of weapons as a sign of trust.
3.84sTogether, we can use them to rid our streets of the real enemy,
1.25sgiant spiders.
0.98sI knew it!
1.87sMan, that's a nice gesture.
2.03sWe accept your offer of peace.
3.77sLet's just have a look at these top-quality weapons.
2.65sI'll test it out on that innocent bystander.