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1.99sundefined Chris!
1.49sYou killed my gun!
1.37sRICK: Summer, Marty, take off your collars.
1.63sWhat? What the hell are you doing?
4.37sGood question. I suppose the answer is I'm not certain.
1.52sOh, no, what are you doing?
1.7s- l have no idea. - I'm not sure.
1.4sStop it!
2.59sMaybe I will, maybe I won't.
1.99sI'm really uncertain about everything,
1.23seven kicking your ass.
1.49sList-- hey! Tw-- ow!
1.99sBut the-- these arms are vestigial!
3.3sNow, you poked me where an eye would've been about 6 million years ago.
1.93sSUMMER: Come on, let's help Grandpa.
2.4sMORTY: Yes! I'm 100% not sure about anything!
1.63sYeah, totally uncertain.
1.76sBeat his ass! Get him! Beat him up!
2.4s- Kick his ass, Rick! - Die, motherfucker.
1.3sOw! I'm defeated.
1.93s- What's happening? - Time is falling apart.
1.26sWe've got to get back to certainty quick.
1.43sGive me your collars.
1.87sOh, man. Don't you have to fix, like, 30 ofthem?
1.4sMarty, l have to fix three of them.
4.33sAnd then there's 31 other versions of me that have to also fix three, for a total of 96.
2.23sI'm not an idiot. I know how to be decisive.
1.49sNow hand me that flat-head screwdriver.