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1.09sYou really think I'm that stupid?
1.7sAll right, hear me out on this.
1.87sYou're immortal, right, which means your life is infinite.
3.37sOkay, well, then that means there's a 100% chance that you'll eventually do everything,
2.4sincluding turning around to look behind you.
1.13sI cannot argue that.
2.23sOh, god, gross and weird!
1.99sundefined Chris!
1.49sYou killed my gun!
1.37sRICK: Summer, Marty, take off your collars.
1.63sWhat? What the hell are you doing?
4.37sGood question. I suppose the answer is I'm not certain.
1.52sOh, no, what are you doing?
1.7s- l have no idea. - I'm not sure.
1.4sStop it!
2.59sMaybe I will, maybe I won't.
1.99sI'm really uncertain about everything,
1.23seven kicking your ass.